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Open Coil Heater Assemblies

Open Coil Heater Assemblies

  • Porcupine Heaters
    • Porcupine Resistance Wire can be folded and bent to deliver very high watt densities in a small space without impending air flow. Thread Porcupine Heaters on a ceramic core and can be supported serveral ways depending on the application.
  • Resister Heater
    • Resister Heaters are used on large cranes as resister brakes.
  • Load Banks
    • Heaters can be designed several ways, depending on the load and size of that is required.
  • Open Coil Industrial Heater
    • Open Coil Element convection type, low temperature duct heaters, for industrial dryer equipment and industrial ovens. Stainless steel support frames with nickel chrome coil elements. Completely assembled and ready for installation. Other sizeds and shapes available. Coil Elements available to fit your existing heater.
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